Cosmo Balance Standard

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Promising water for your good life with beloved family is the water from
π-water treatment system

Size of body :
120 mmφ x 350 mm
Capacity* :
50,000 liters
Flow :
6.0 – 7.0 liters/min.
Water pressure :
0.05 – 0.39MPa
Water temperature :
under 40°C (approx.104°F)
Weight :
3.6 Kg/body
Materials :
Stainless steel (SUS 304)/body
Chromium plated brass/top
Polyethylene/cartridge case
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Reason for the good water

Step 1 Filtering impurities and removing chlorine and bad tastes by high quality activated carbon to make cleaner water.

Filtering capacity <Test methods are based upon JIS3201.>

• Residual chlorine : 50,000 liters
• Total torihalomethane : 25,000 liters
• CAT : 25,000 literss
Step 2 Seven materials including natural calcium, ceramics of mineral stones, strong magnet, and π-ceramics make good and energized water.

2 reviews for Cosmo Balance Standard

  1. Patt

    I bought this a few years back and it’s the best and most healthy water I can find on earth. Two thumbs up!!!

  2. Yuzu

    I have one unit at home and one in the office. Drinking PI Water everyday keeps me refreshed and healthy !

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