PI-Ball capsule


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Easy use! Just put into a pitcher.

Specially matured extracts agent of natural pine, bamboo and plum is used as glazing for ceramic balls made by π-water technology.

The usage is simple to put the capsule into a pitcher, a pet bottle of water marketed, and a water bottle, etc. You can enjoy the better tasted water.

Please enjoy smooth water!

Major ingredient :
Ceramic ball
Material :
YP ceramic (capsule is made of polypropylene.)
Size :
20mm in diameter x 77mm in length
Weight :
approx. 20g
Temperature usable :
*Please pay attention for use by children and aged person not to swallow by mistake.
*Do not use for other purposes.
*Do not put in boiling water. The capsule may be deformed.
*Do not take YP ceramic balls apart from the capsule and put them in use. It may be a cause of swallowing by mistake.
*Use drinkable water only.
*Wash the capsule by flowing clean water before/whenever you put water into bottles or pitchers.
Put one π-Ball capsule for 500-1000ml of water for more than 30 minutes before drinking.



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