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π-water was discovered during the study of physiology of plants. In 1964 in Japan the late professor Yoshiaki Goto and Dr. Shoji Yamashita of agricultural department of Nagoya University noticed the living water contained in plants is the very important factor in flower bud differentiation during their study of it. 

Dr. Yamashita tentatively named the water, “the water that is very similar to living water,” as “π-water.” Afterward it was explicated that π-water plays an important role not only in flower bud differentiation but also in healthy growing of plants and animals. The property of π-water is induced by very small amount of iron ions which are called ferric ferrous salts in highly energized state.

π-water supports healthy growth of all living things. Dr. Shinji Makino, the founder of IBE company, studied π-water with Dr. Yamashita and put it to practical uses and developed various products so that many people can use and enjoy it.

Our company has been seeking the ways to utilize π-water technology to keep the health and protect the environment since the discovery of it.


IBE supplies various products using π-water systems.

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